Soccer, football, the beautiful game. A sport known by many names and one that can evoke so many emotions on a global scale. A sport that is very special to me.
So I challenged myself to combine two things I was passionate about; design and soccer. The result was this illustration done entirely in vectors. I chose Brazilian superstar Neymar as my subject.

Kurt Cobain

Music is a huge part of my life. So why not pay homage to the enigmatic frontman of the legendary rock band (and one of my favorites) Nirvana. I wanted this piece to be different. Not just an illustration, but a summation of the songs that I love. So I took the lyrics from my favorite Nirvana tracks and recreated the iconic photo of Kurt Cobain smoking a cigarette while holding his guitar.

I didn’t want a simple overlay of an image on text. Instead I wanted to let the individual words and letters to create the form. From the strands of hair to the burning ember in the cigarette.


Walter Hartwell White’s alter ego. A pop culture sensation from the hit television series Breaking Bad. A slightly different style than the previous illustrations. This approach had less creative flair. Sticking closer to realism and relying on fine details like wrinkles, highlights/shadows on the face, and individual strands of hair in the beard. The goal was to evoke the cold and ruthless gaze of once respected high school Chemistry teacher, who evolved into a merciless drug kingpin.