Longest Flight Ever Campaign

This social campaign was created to raise positive awareness, showcasing to the world how Ogury employees kept themselves motivated while working from home. I was tasked to coordinate recordings of employees answering key questions and using those submissions to create a fun and upbeat video amid uncertain times.

Mobile Ads

A gallery of mobile display ads I created for several brands. Brand assets such as logos, product shots, and brand guidelines were provided by clients.

Lola’s Restaurant 

This postcard-styled flyer was created for Brooklyn eatery Lola’s. Its purpose is to be found on tables for diners to view the restaurant’s basic info as well as access their online menu.

Let there be logos!

A few more examples of branding projects I’ve worked on recently.

Immersive Systems is a media company that specializes in stats, highlights, and images for e-sports fans. Their emphasis was the interconnection of the different facets of their business with a fresh and bold look.

Limon, a Peruvian restaurant that specializes in rotisserie chicken, was looking for a creative refresh for their eatery. They wanted to highlight three key elements of their cuisine; limes, chicken, and flames.
Choose Soy is a company that sponsors cycling teams and highlights the power of soy plant protein to both lifestyle and competitive cyclists/athletes. They wanted a logo catered to affluent cyclists that inspires strength, endurance, and performance.

Goldstrike Data is a data science consulting company that provides automated statistical solutions. I provided a clever logotype that worked as a standalone element.

The Bill Turner Cup is a football competition in Australia where 800+ teams of under-15 players, across 4 states, compete for their regional trophy. The request was for a team-like emblem in a bold red and black color scheme to represent the competition.
Archetyp Mobility writes mobile health software for medical researchers. They were looking for a modern, bright, clever logo with an abstract element to it.